Here you will find all things Vintage Inspired for the 21st Century Heart!

My name is Cheryl Valentine and I’m a strong believer that you should do whatever it is you are passionate about. Vintage Valentine all started from my kitchen table! I sat day after day, surrounded by beads and a strong desire to create all those designs that had been culminating my brain for so long!

For as long as I can remember I made things, everything from clothes (some a total disaster mind you) to homeware items, glassware, paintings and of course jewellery.

My first insight of what was considered fashionable jewellery came working at a high-street jewellers straight from college. I learned about Clasps, Finishes, Metals and of course every girls ‘best friend’ Diamonds. I fell I feel in love with design. I worked there for over 6 years when I felt my time there had come to an end and I was off on my next adventure. I was a young mother of one and although I wanted to start a business then, it would be another 8 years before I had the courage to go for my dream.

I started by creating small pieces, for friends and family first and got as many opinions as I could. I was lucky, my mother is also a creative person and we would sit and make jewellery together, each sharing our ideas and new techniques we had learned. I was able to create my first collection and sold it on the site ETSY and through Facebook. My first big order came in for a wedding and that gave me the courage to officially launch Vintage Valentine!

Over that first year I spread the word at events, had repeat orders and found suppliers for speciality stock. It was hard and I had to learn a lot but I knew in my gut that I was meant to create beautiful things that people could enjoy. I then launched my first website – which went live in November 2015. From then my kitchen table business has grown to what it is today. I am, as I write this about to re-launch my website featuring new designs, a new look and a homeware collection for all those who love a fabulous throw pillow or gorgeous candles like me!

My promise to my customers and followers is to –
Always bring you high quality accessories which are something a little different from the high-street, to always listen to customer feedback and strive to offer great service.

I am an independent business owner, who wants the same as you, to provide for my family, while doing what I LOVE…

Cheryl Valentine