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Stepping up the vintage look

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Ok so I arrived a little late to the joys of INSTAGRAM and PINTERESTĀ but I’ve now shaken the cobwebs out of my brain and got searching all things vintage on the app. What did I find? Oodles of beautiful images of vintage clothing, hair styles and make-up tips. Not to mention all manner of household goodies. I decided to step up my vintage look by having a go at a vintage hairstyle. I’ve always loved girls with their hair in barrel rolls but having fine hair – mine always seemed to fall flat. šŸ™

However, today I had a break through. I found some tutorials Instagram (links bellow) on how to create them. After sectioning yourĀ hair into two or three parts,Ā depending on how you want the finish look to be, back combing the sections. You can put the rest of your hair in a pony tail at the back while to work on the front.

Then taking a side section roll the hair in your fingers until you get to your scalp. I found that angling the curl forward I got to see the inside of the curl which looked really good and then pined it into place. Now the other side was a bit trickier! Working the opposite way I did the same again and found using a chunky blusher brush I wound the hair around the brush then slid-it out leaving me a big roll like the first one I did and pinned it the same as before. I created a large bump for the front and pinned it back behindĀ one roll creating a side parting (swept-over look).

So was it perfect? No but the over all look was defiantly in the style I wanted and looked good for my first DIY try.Ā I curled the ends to give my hair some body and wallah my look was complete. I’m sure with a bit of practice I can nail this look. I think it suits so many face shapes and always looks very glamorous. If you fancy having a go and want to post a photo on Instagram tagging us in at MYVINTAGESTYLE1 or post on Facebook copying in our shop name vintagevalentine.co.uk we would love to see them! I’m sure thereĀ are also many girls who do this style a lot so please share your fabulous pin-up hairstyles or looks!


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