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Why Vintage?

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why vintage?My love of vintage style has slowly crept up on me. I remember as a child watching old black and white movies and thinking how glamorous the women looked, but it wasn’t until a few years ago wearing a swing dress to a fancy dress charity ball that I was hooked. I love the 50’s style in particular, but also enjoy vintage with a modern twist. That’s why I created my shop so I could play around with the vintage inspired theme.

Vintage style can be so many things and I like to play around with those traditional shapes to make a hybrid design. I have a studio filled to the brim with beads and jewellery findings and I’m always looking for inspiration for my next design. I love to photograph all my work myself too. I find that playing around with the backgrounds to create a vintage feel has worked really well for me when selling my items online. I often use vintage papers and jars to display my items.

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  1. Cheryl Valentine
    | Reply

    Hello Mary, what a lovely message. I’m working on so many items now which will appear on the shop soon. I’m glad you love the new site! xx

  2. Cheryl Valentine
    | Reply

    Thank you Tom for your lovely comments. I am so excited for the year ahead now I have a fabulous new website!

  3. Mary
    | Reply

    I truly love your work ,your idea’s and creations are beautiful and I look forward to seeing all your future inspirations xxx

  4. Tom
    | Reply

    Thank you for sharing your journey, it’s truly inspiring! Your designs are an example of fantastic craftsmanship and so carry that vintage look. x

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